Style It Out! | Capcom’s Megaman

Style It Out! | Capcom’s Megaman

Style It Out! is an ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

We turn our attention to Megaman, the little blue, Mega Buster toting hero who jumped onto the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987 and became an iconic character for video game publishers, Capcom. In this style guide I’ve steered away from the obvious mega blaster and hoodie combo and looked more at everyday wear.

Mega Man | Style It Out!

1 | Mega Dead Man Tee

It’s game over for Megaman on this tee that finds our android hero in a state of defeat.

Bonanza Market | £22.17

2 | Mega Buster Key Chain

Keep your keys secure with this mini replica of Megaman’s Mega Buster that lights up. Perfect for trying to find the lock late at night.

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Think Geek | $9.99

3 | Megaman Running Belt

Made with a metal seatbelt buckle you can keep your jeans secure with this belt that features Megaman in different poses around your midriff.

Etsy | £18.98

4 | EMIO Official Capcom Megaman Headphones

Taking their style cues from Megaman’s famous blue helmet, these official Capcom licensed cans will let you look the part whilst enjoying your favourite tunes about town.

EMIO | $99.99

5 | Megaman X Canvas Sneakers

Subtle footwear in black with blue laces and a classy Megaman X helmet logo to match with the shirt and belt allowing you to show your passion for this iconic character in a classic way.

Bonanza Market | £27.52

Which are your favourite items that we’ve listed? Got a link to something cool? Post your thoughts and tips in the comments.

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