Style It Out! | Classic Star Wars Footwear

Style It Out! | Classic Star Wars Footwear

Style It Out! A feature in which we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

In a galaxy far, far away… even scruffy looking nerf-herders need to look fly as they galavant around space in some old hunk of junk. Lucky then that shoe manufacturer, Sperry, have a small range of classic Star Wars footwear to satiate that desire.

This week we go 100% Sperry shoe.

Sperry Star Wars

1 | Cloud Slip-On McQuarrie Sneaker

(Top Left) Based on the concept artwork of Star Wars visionary, Ralph McQuarrie, these slip-ons feature an X-Wing and Darth Vader as imagined before filming began. This design appears to be the only one in the range available exclusively in men’s sizes only.

Sperry | $74.95

2 | Cloud CVO Rebel Pilot Sneaker

(Top Right) A pair of sneakers that would have fit nicely into our Rebel Alliance feature back in August last year. This bright orange pair of canvas lace-ups is simple with a modest Rebel Alliance logo on the side.

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Sperry | $74.95

3 | Cloud Slip-On Han and Chewie Sneaker

(Middle Left) Never tell me the odds! The galaxy’s favourite smugglers feature on this pair of slip-ons in a dark design featuring Han’s blaster.

Sperry | $74.95

4 | Cloud Slip-On Droids Sneaker

(Middle Right) These aren’t the droids you’re looking for! But they are the sneakers with pictures of the droids you’re looking for on them. It’s that famous scene at the beginning of ‘A New Hope’ when the pair are stranded on Tatooine.

Sperry | $74.95

5 | Cloud CVR Death Star Sneaker

(Bottom) Prefer the dark side of the force? Sperry have got your back with this design that contrasts the Rebel Pilot pair. Dark grey with lime green and white trim and the Galactic Empire’s logo on the side.

Sperry | $74.95

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