Style It Out! | Sonic The Hedgehog

Style It Out! | Sonic The Hedgehog

Style It Out! A feature in which we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

In the wake of the release of Sonic Mania it’s time to wear your love of SEGA’s speedy blue figurehead on your sleeve… EVERYWHERE! This week we’re celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog.

Style It Out! Sonic The Hedgehog

1 | Sonic The Hedgehog Officially Licensed Snapback

(Top Right) A simple white outline logo and this snapback cap is a crisp way to top off your outfit whilst exhibiting your love for Sonic the Hedgehog.

RetroGT | £16.95

2 | Sonic Stickers

(Top/Bottom Left) Redbubble have a load of Sonic and SEGA themed stickers starting from low prices. Ideal for your laptop, tablet, notepad or sticking all over your sleeping partner whilst they sleep. Bit of a waste that last one though.

Redbubble | From £1.69

3 | Sonic Mania T-Shirt

(Bottom Right) Since we’re celebrating the release of a new 2D Sonic platformer, why not show your love for Sonic Mania with this logo shirt?

Redbubble | £17.52

4 | Sonic The Hedgehog X Anippon

(Middle Left) It didn’t seem possible that someone could replicate Sonic’s red sneakers, but Japan footwear manufacturers win the day. These red leather slip-ons feature the Sonic logo embroidered on the heel and the iconic white flash and buckle across the top. Check out our previous feature on these shoes.

Annipon | ¥ 6,500

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