Style It Out! | Nintendo Entertainment System

Style It Out! | Nintendo Entertainment System

Style It Out! is a new ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

In this first instalment we take Nintendo’s original and most classic of video games consoles the Nintendo Entertainment System as inspiration and curate a collection of NES inspired clothing, footwear and accessories.

The NES is an essential part of gaming history and the classic design of the console, and more specifically the controller, has inspired a multitude of fashion items including belt buckles, tees and the incredibly popular series of footwear from skate brand Vans earlier in the year.

Here are our five picks to flaunt your love of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Style It Out! | NES

1 | 8 Bit Controller Tee

Coming direct from the official Nintendo online store this classic white tee is simple in design but makes an impact with the large NES controller graphic, a perfect statement for fans of the classic console.

Nintendo Online Store | £14.99

2 | NES Reversible Flap Messenger Bag

Another item direct from the Nintendo online store, this messenger style bag offers up two bold designs in one with a reversible front flap. Feeling subtle? Then maybe you want to display the multiple NES controller design. Feeling a little more bold? Flip it over and you’ve got one large controller to match your tee.

Nintendo Online Store | £22.99

3 | Nintendo SK8-Hi Reissue Shoes

When Vans teamed up with Nintendo for a series of 8-Bit shoes my wallet wept in anticipation. Two designs in particular stood out to me, the Super Mario inspire slim fit SK8-Hi and these regular fit reissues featuring the classic controller design. I plumped for the former, but you bet as soon as I’ve got the spare green in my wallet I’m bagging a pair of these too!

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Vans Online Store and Selected Retail Outlets | £60.00

4 | NES Controller Wallet

If you have any cash left after buying all of this kit then you’ll need a stylish place to stash it. That’s where this NES controller wallet comes in. There’s nothing flash about it but it does sport that classic controller design.

Grindstore | £14.99

5 | Nintendo 3DS XL – NES Edition

If you’re out and about but still need your Nintendo fix then the hugely popular 3DS is your best bet. Want to flaunt that classic NES style at the same time? Then this special edition model is the answer. Again sporting the classic controller design this 3DS XL is eye-catching and functional. It is only available via Game Stop in the U.S. which is unfortunate for those of us in the U.K. and the rest of the world.

Game Stop | $159.97

What are your favourite products from the above and what have we missed. Drop a link to your favourite NES product for everyone to check out.

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