Style It Out! | Pokémon GO

Style It Out! | Pokémon GO

Style It Out! is a new ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

With Pokémon GO taking the world by storm we take a look at some essential clothing, footwear and accessories for the discerning Pokémon trainer pounding the streets for that illusive Lapras or Pikachu.

Pokémon GO has enjoyed phenomenal success making it the most downloaded and highest earning app in history in its first week of release. Reports suggest that the augmented reality game overtook porn as the most searched term through google.

So here are our pick of essential kit for any committed Pokémon GO trainer.

Style It Out! | Pokémon GO

1 | Your Team Tee

You committed to Pokémon GO and you weighed up your options as to which team you were going to join. Whether you went with the popular choice of team blue, Mystic, or chose red, Valor, or yellow, Instinct, you’re going to want to let other trainers know where your allegiance lies. Tees and tops from Red Bubble come in a variety of colours, sizes and fits, each with your choice of team logo.

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Red Bubble | £16.59

2 | Pikachu Backpack

Hunting Pokémon is serious business and can lead you to new and unfamiliar places. Be prepared by taking along some essentials in this cuter than cute Pikachu plush backpack. Remember, in hot weather you need water. Carry a bottle in this bag and you’re good for hours.

eBay | $14.99

3 | Pokémon Trainer’s Hat

In the classic style, as worn by Ash, this trucker’s cap is perfect for keeping the sun or the rain out of your eyes whilst hunting down rare Pokémon. Any fan will know that you’re in the game and you mean business.

Amazon | £7.99

4 | Pokémon GO +

They’ve sold out in the U.S. and haven’t yet reached U.K stores but this official add on is the perfect companion for serious Pokémon GO players. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth this device alerts you to in-game moments, like a Pokémon spawning, and allows you to play without being glued to your screen.

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Nintendo Online Store | TBC

5 | Pikachu Converse

A comfy, trusty pair of trainers are essential for pounding the pavements in search of those little blighters needed to fill your Polédex, but why plump for any pair of converse? Etsy is rife with artists willing to transfer a standard pair of canvas shoes into works of art, including putting Pikachu on a shoe.

Etsy | From £38.42

6 | External Power Bank

One of the biggest problems with Pokémon GO is how quickly it burns through your battery life. An average iPhone will last around 3 hours of continuous play. A power bank is an obvious solution but savvy traders are cashing in by branding units with team logos. Not essential, but why not?

eBay | £9.99

What are favourites from our selection and what have we missed? Post you links to essential Pokémon GO clothing and accessories in the comments.

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