Style It Out! | Star Trek 50th Anniversary

Style It Out! | Star Trek 50th Anniversary

Style It Out! is an ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

Gene Roddenberry created a unique vision of the future of space exploration which has resonated with generations since. 50 years on and Roddenberry’s legacy continues through the rebooted movie universe and the forthcoming new television show to be titled, Star Trek: Discovery.

In this edition we take a look at some cool merchandise to help you celebrate 50 years of Star Trek in style. Live long and look good doing it!

Star Trek | Style It Out!

1 | Star Trek 50th Anniversary Tee

A classic black tee with gold logo that comes in different fits for men and women. Show your love for Star Trek and celebrate 50 years of the final frontier.

Official Star Trek online store | $26.95

2 | TNG Communicator

This high quality replica of the Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator has become iconic in its own right. Looks great on a bag or jacket, also great for cosplay.

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3 | Star Trek Command Badge Wallet

Until money becomes is a thing of the past you need somewhere to keep your cash. This wallet comes in a variety of styles based on your preference. Science, Engineering or Command, each is colour coded to your favoured area of expertise. | £12.95

4 | Classic Communicator Phone Case

Recreate away missions alongside Kirk or Spock by protecting your mobile with this classic communicator case. Available to fit most modern smart phones.

Etsy | £10.16+

5 | 50th Anniversary Back Pack

It ain’t cheap, but it is nice and a subtle way to celebrate your love of Star Trek with this official 50th Anniversary back pack. Durable and versatile the design doesn’t scream ‘LOOK AT MY LOVE OF TREK!!!!’ but it will reap kudos from other trekkers and trekkies without doubt.

Think Geek | $89.99

Which are your favourite items that we’ve listed? Got a link to something cool? Post comments and tips in the comments.

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