Style It Out! | Star Wars: Rebel Alliance

Style It Out! | Star Wars: Rebel Alliance

Style It Out! is a new ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

Most people love Star Wars and most people will root for the Rebel Alliance, outnumbered but determined to make a difference in the fight against the Empire that shrouds the universe in a blanket of fear.

There’s a lot of merchandise available that pays tribute to the Rebel Alliance and one of the best is Bioworld whose range is inspired by the colouring of Luke Skywalker’s flight suit whilst piloting an X-Wing. With that in mind, this week we take inspiration from the rebels.

Rebel Alliance | Style It Out!

1 | Trucker’s Style Snapback

It’s hot on Tatooine and you’ll need to shade your eyes whilst staying cool and looking cooler. This trucker’s style snapback offers a lightweight solution with a quality stitched front panel featuring the Rebel Alliance logo.

eBay | £22.99

2 | Versatile Waterproof Rucksack

Let’s say, for example, you’re stuck on Dantooine and your X-Wing has sunk into a swamp. Disaster! Never fear you’ve got a rucksack that has more than enough storage compartments for food and drink rations, tablets, laptops, flashlights and anything else you might need to coax Yoda out of hiding.

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Amazon | £25.49

3 | Custom Light-Up Nike Footwear

These trainers are for the completist only as they come with a bigger bounty than Han Solo’s head. Etsy seller Kickolas Nage will customise a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes with the Rebel Alliance branding and LED lighting in the heel to match. Since each pair is a one-of-a-kind orders take a while to complete.

Etsy | £185.85

4 | Rebel Branded Wallet

Once you’ve sold your land speeder you’ll need somewhere to keep your credits. This wallet from BioWorld is one part of their Rebel Alliance range which are all high quality items. It features the Rebel logo and similar stitching to the trucker’s cap.

BioWorld | Check For Availability

5 | Rebel Logo Tee

Finish the look with this orange tee shirt featuring the Rebel logo large and bold on the front. Let everyone know where your allegiance lies. | £16.99

Which items are your favourites and post links to any Rebel Alliance merch we missed in the comments below.

Will Harrison

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