Sulfur Is Taking Shots And Raising Awareness In His New Video

Sulfur Is Taking Shots And Raising Awareness In His New Video

There’s a campaign to save The Milestone, a North Carolina music venue close to the heart of the local music scene. Sulfur’s latest video for the track Take Shots raises awareness with a clever concept.

From New Wave to Grunge through to Post Hardcore and beyond, The Milestone in Charlotte has seen it all, playing host to notable acts like R.E.M, Nirvana and Black Flag throughout its almost 50 year history.

The club is now under threat of closure as costly vital restoration work is required. Like most music venues the owners behind The Milestone have just about kept the club afloat over the years, providing a hub for the local music scene as well as attracting touring bands. But they’ve never made enough to fix the things that really needed fixing and it’s come to crunch time. Raise the (not inconsiderable) funds for the renovations or face closure.

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Sulfur has come up with a clever concept that combines his interest in keeping The Milestone open with the inspiration behind his song Take Shots. The song comes from his most recent release Re: Birth and uses the modern phenomenon that is ‘the selfie’ as source material.

Shooting a live performance of Take Shots at The Milestone, Sulfur is met by a steady stream of the audience coming up to the stage and taking selfies with the rapper whilst he performs. The video is cut with shots from the club and the selfies taken along with cameos from Mikal kHill, Tribe One and Int80 of Dual Core.

For more information about how you can help to save The Milestone visit their Go Fund Me page. To download or stream Re: Birth by Sulfur visit his bandcamp page.

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