This Super Famicom Edition 3DS XL Is Beautiful, But Good Luck Getting One

This Super Famicom Edition 3DS XL Is Beautiful, But Good Luck Getting One

Following in the footsteps of the NES edition, there’s now a Super Famicom themed 3DS XL. Unfortunately it’s going to be hard to get hold of one.

In September 2014 we reported on the NES skinned 3DS XL, I fell in love with it immediately, but now the next generation is pulling at my heart strings. Nintendo Japan have announced that pre-orders are open for their Super Famicom skinned version of the successful handheld device, and it looks stunning. Even the packages is faithful to the inspiration behind this special edition.

Super Famicom 3DS XL

The Super Famicom 3DS XL can be ordered now from the Japan site with a price tag of ¥ 21,600, which converts to a reasonable £134.00 at today’s rate, though shipping from the far East is likely to bump that price up should you be inclined to do so – and you might! With no North America or European release dates scheduled there’s no guarantee the console will go on sale locally.

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In fact North America may not see a release at all given that the Super Nintendo (As it was known in other regions) looked entirely different in design and colour. Australian and European versions of the console bore a similar design with slight variations in the naming of the console.

3DS XL Super Famicom

With pre-orders going fast you’ll need to be quick if you simply have to have this version of the 3DS XL. Otherwise enjoy the pretty pictures, like me.

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