Super limited edition Pokémon skateboards will roll off the shelves

Super limited edition Pokémon skateboards will roll off the shelves

A limited edition line of Pokémon skateboards will go on sale this February. But there’s only 150 of each design.

You’ll need to be quick to catch ’em all. These strictly limited edition Pokémon themed skateboards are the creation of Alabama manufacturer Bear Walker. Teaming up with, there are five designs that make up ‘Series 1’.

Series 1 implies that we should expect more from this collaboration in the future, but for now the beautifully crafted decks pay tribute to some of the more notable Pokémon.

MewTwo, Gengar, Gyarados, Charizard and Pikachu all feature in a blend of wood and vivid colour. Each deck is carefully carved in such a way that grip-tape isn’t necessary to find purchase on the upper surface.

I don’t expect to see too many of these boards actually being used on the street though. Especially as only 750 Series 1 skateboards will be made. That’s only 150 of each design. Demand will no doubt be high and these decks will sell out in no time at all. So if you want one you’d better stay sharp.

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Those of you who simply must have one of these magnificent skateboards can sign up for email updates at There’s no retail price yet, but Bear Walker limited edition boards usually sell for upwards of $200.

Source | Nerdist

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