Super Mario Run Is Getting A Major Anniversary Update

Super Mario Run Is Getting A Major Anniversary Update

Nintendo’s first Mario game for mobile is celebrating it’s first birthday with a major update, new game mode and a new character.

Despite its detractors I love Super Mario Go (Read my launch review here) and as the game approaches one year in the Apple App Store Nintendo are planning to power up with some major updates.

First up there’s a new game mode, Nintendo are calling it Remix 10. It’s a quick dash through ten short sections of existing levels but remixed each time you play. Rainbow coloured bonus medals will be in different positions making it a fresh challenge every time.

With no Game Over screen you’ll progress to the next if you fail to complete a level, whilst expert players can strive for a perfect score. Finishing stages and collecting medals in Remix 10 affords you the chance to collect new items to add to your Mushroom Kingdom, and work towards rescuing Princess Daisy.

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Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy joins the game. By unlocking Princess Daisy in Remix 10 mode she’ll appear as a playable character in other game modes. She comes gifted with the ability to double jump.

There are nine new levels to explore as Nintendo add World Star to the game. World Star features new enemies, gameplay mechanics and is only accessible once you’ve finished all existing stages in worlds one to six.

Finally, and probably my favourite of the bunch, you can now play whilst listening to your own music in the background. Nothing groundbreaking, but a sweet little touch means that Mario and friends will wear headphones when you choose this option.

If you have been sleeping on Super Mario Run, good news. To celebrate the game’s birthday, for two weeks the full game will be priced at around 50% of the usual.

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