Support Black Lives Matter UK | Benin City – Hostiles (Featuring Eklipse)

Support Black Lives Matter UK | Benin City – Hostiles (Featuring Eklipse)

Benin City throw support behind the Black Lives Matter movement with the new track Hostiles. All proceeds go towards BLM UK.

In direct response to recent events that have escalated in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, Benin City have released a new track. Titled ‘Hostiles’ the song features East London rapper Eklipse.

Referencing a year of adversity, in varying forms and from a British perspective, the song is a call to action. All proceeds from ‘Hostiles’ will go towards funding Black Lives Matter UK initiatives and resources.

‘Hostiles’ can be purchased for just £1 or more.

From Benin City’s bandcamp page:

This year alone, our aunts have been spat on, our uncles knelt on, our elders deported, our brothers left to the mercy of COVID. George Floyd is the latest casualty in this eternal war against black people’s right to exist, to work, to be happy, to love as we love.

Trust, we’re exhausted, we’re watching the news and despairing, we’re tired, and we’re angry.

We’ve been emboldened by the protests, in the US and globally, even in the face of rampant police aggression. We’re a band, what we do best is music, so we’re putting this song out, Hostiles is our attempt to put our emotions to art in these shiitake-mushrooom times.

All proceeds of the track will go to BLM UK.

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A list of resources and charities worthy of donating to has been compiled by ‘It’s Nice That‘.

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