Team One-Up Ohm-I | VPCIII Team Profile

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Team One-Up Ohm-I | VPCIII Team Profile

Who’s next in our VPCIII team profiles?

Producer: MC Ohm-I | Vocalist: 1-Up

1-UP and Mc Ohm-I met some time back the same way most of us met, the internet… both digging each other’s raps, they decided to collab on a track and hang out whenever 1-UP was in San Diego (With Ohm-I taking his lazy ass to Dallas once too to hang out). 1-UP (the Business Process Enginerd) is based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Mc Ohm-I (The man who will shock your ladies up) Is based on a boat sometimes… sometimes on Navy bases.

Be ready for some jazzy 90s hip hop from the 1-UP/Ohm-I combo

I’ve contrasted this pairing in the past and they pose a strong challenge, though it almost seems a shame that we’re losing a talented emcee from the competition since they can’t both provide vocals. Guaranteed nerdiness is to be bet on.


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