Teaser: Ashens and the Polybius Heist

Teaser: Ashens and the Polybius Heist

Collector of worthless tat, Stuart Ashen returns for another comedy adventure involving the legendary Polybius arcade machine

Stuart who, the poly what? Stuart Ashen has been YouTube‘ing for around twelve years and has made a name for himself as someone who reviews completely worthless tat.

This first started with reviews of cheap Asian LCD games that were designed to look like the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) and were dubbed Pop Stations.

Since then, Stuart has branched out to other tat such as very old food, video game collectables and the variety of monthly loot crates. He also looks at the wondrous content that tends to fill the British Poundland store.

In 2014, Stuart starred in a film along with several of his YouTube friends and some serious actors as well such as Red Dwarf‘s Robert Llewellyn and Willow‘s Warwick Davis.

Entitled Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild, the story followed Stuart trying to track down an elusive GameChild handheld console, a cheap knock off of the Nintendo Game Boy.

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This film was not only available on DVD and Blu-ray (and still is) but was also free to watch on YouTube. Unfortunately, due to negotiations for the sequel, it had to be pulled five months ago.

Now after six years and a successful Indigogo crowd sourced campaign, the sequel will soon hit our screens, Ashens and the Polybius Heist.

In this new film, Ashens will have to liberate a Polybius arcade game cabinet from a government laboratory with the help of a crack team of specialists good friends?

Polybius? This is an urban legend that started in the early 2000s. The story of an arcade machine that appeared out of nowhere in Portland. Players of the game would experience intense psychoactive and addictive effects.

According to the legend, mysterious men in black would turn up to collect data from the machine and watch the effects it had on the players. Not long after, all the Polybius machines were removed and no one has seen one ever since.

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Ashens and the Polybius Heist will be released on various VOD services (for example, Vimeo) on November 19th. Physical copies will be available early next year.


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