TekForce | Tek Support | Review

TekForce | Tek Support | Review

Often an album created over an extended period of time feels disjointed. Tek Support from TekForce has been a long time in the making.

TekForce is one of the good guys of the Nerdcore scene. Humble, personable and hard working when it comes to his craft. But like many indie artists the process of making his debut album Tek Support has been a long one. There’s the day job and family commitments, not to mention the finite resources available to a DIY artist. Many find that the process takes so long that songs recorded months or even years before the completion date sound dated or lower quality than newer additions. In many instances the artist is still perfecting their craft and you can plot the curve of maturity in their workmanship. Ultimately many albums wind up sounding like a demo mixtape at best, a disjointed disappointment at worst. TekForce has managed to avoid these failings and what has come from months of hard work is a finely crafted album that took me somewhat by surprise.

As much as I appreciate the effort and passion that TekForce puts into his music, I couldn’t say I’d ever been particularly blown away by the few tracks that had come my way, and until recently I subconsciously considered him something of a fringe artist in the niche sub genre that is Nerdcore hip-hop. A lot of conviction but not an artist whose music I would intentionally seek out. It wasn’t until early versions of Pleasure & Pain and SDF-1 from this most recent release album came my way that I started to change that opinion. TekForce has really matured as an emcee in what feels like a very short time, and upon first listen of Tek Support, I was completely engaged from the Intro to the final bonus track, not to mention hugely impressed with the confidence of his delivery and flow.

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Primarily a gamer at heart you can certainly hear the influence of this passion in his lyrics which are peppered with references to consoles and game titles. There are a multitude of other nerdy references throughout the seventeen tracks that form the entirety of Tek Support as well. TekForce has pulled in some familiar names to the Nerdcore scene to provide guest vocals. Mega Ran provides bars on the K Murdock produced track New Game + (Remix), whilst SkyBlew, Shubzilla, Aramis and Alpha Riff all represent. Musically TekForce’s love of hip-hop through the ages shines through with each track carrying a classic sensibility. The final product feels accomplished and Klopfenpop takes credit for a really clean mix and provided mastering too.

For an album that has been in the making for the best part of a year or more it works incredibly well as a body of work with a high standard maintained throughout. The pitfalls many indie artists fall into whilst creating an album over a length of time have been avoided here and Tekforce has provided a consistent seventeen tracks. It’s a big album considering that it offers at least five tracks more than your average rap release. It is priced at $10 via bandcamp for a digital download, which in reality is a fair price for what you’re getting, but may put some people off purchasing when you consider that other more established artists usually aim for a single figure price tag for a download with that kind of price tag being more akin to that asked for a physical copy. Don’t be put off, Tek Support is a solid album and should be in consideration for any discerning Nerdcore fan’s music collection.

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Stand out tracks: Alter Ego and Heaven’s Lost Property

Download Tek Support now from bandcamp for $10.


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    October 22, 2015

    Dude, thank you SOOO MUCH for the review. Initially I was scared of how you would perceive it, but this gives me ALOT of confidence knowing that you truly dig it! Cheers!


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    October 21, 2015

    Great review man! This album should get more exposure than it currently is!


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