Terry Pratchett | 1948 – 2015

Terry Pratchett | 1948 – 2015

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett dies aged 66.

Most famous for his long-running Discworld series of novels, Terry Pratchett penned over seventy books in his extensive career and bringing magic and humour to everything he wrote.  Born in Buckinghamshire in 1948 his first book The Carpet People was published in 1971 whilst The Colour of Magic, would follow a few years later in 1983 and kickstart the hugely popular Discworld novels series. For me personally it was his recently adapted for radio novel Good Omens, which he penned collaboratively with Neil Gaiman, that became not just my favourite Pratchett novel, but my favourite novel of all time. The book exhibits a wicked sense of humour whilst taking a comical look at religion.

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Pratchett was bestowed a knighthood in 2009 two years after being diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimers. Today on March 12th 2015 his daughter Rhianna revealed via Pratchett’s twitter account that the author had lost his battle, passing away peacefully with his cat asleep on the bed and surrounded by loved ones. A later tweet simply read ‘The End’.

During a brief meeting with Terry Pratchett at a book signing more than twenty years ago I found the author to be gentle, engaging and genuine. A loss to the written word.

Terry Pratchett

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