The Batman logo revealed and Ben Affleck to reprise the role?

The Batman logo revealed and Ben Affleck to reprise the role?

Explore the Multiverse in The Flash and the new Batman logo revealed. DC’s online Fandome event is set to throw up all kinds of DC Comics and movie related news.

DC’s online ‘Fandome‘ convention begins today and we’re expecting a lot of exciting news from their comics and movie worlds.

Already it’s been revealed that we’ll see Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprise their respective iterations of Batman for the forthcoming ‘The Flash’ movie. The film stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and will explore DC’s multiverse – the idea that multiple universes with unlimited iterations of the heroes we know and love exist simultaneously.

The film could also provide the catalyst for bringing the DC cinematic universe together once and for all. In contrast to Marvel’s carefully planned movie timeline, DC’s has always been significantly disjointed.

In addition to multiple Batmen, we also have a look at the new logo for ‘The Batman’. Director, Matt Reeves, has revealed the new look which echoes the bat-symbol previously seen in screen-test footage of Robert Pattinson’s bat-suit.

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Speculation suggests that the new Bat-symbol is constructed from pieces of the gun used to kill Bruce Wayne’s parents, fashioned into a chest plate for the suit. It’s a cool theory and opens up the potential for someone to discover Batman’s true identity.

More is set to be revealed during Fandome, including new footage from ‘The Batman’. We’ll keep you posted. The online event if free to attend. Visit to plan your viewing schedule.

Fandome 2020 poster by Jim Lee

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