The Best Of Back To The Future Day

The Best Of Back To The Future Day

Back to the Future Day brought us many celebrations and commercial tie-ins, here’s a few of my favourites from the 21st October 2015.

Pepsi Perfect

One item of product placement that really stood out in Back to the Future was for Pepsi with Marty McFly chugging on Diet Pepsi in the first installment of the trilogy. The soft drinks brand cashed in on BTTF Day with the launch of the drink, that up until now only existed in Back to the Future part II, Pepsi Perfect. With a limited release of just 6500, bottles of the drink were given away to Marty McFly cosplayers at New York Comic Con and went on sale for more than $20 a piece.

Unfortunately demand was far greater than Pepsi had anticipated with many fans voicing their disgruntlement at being unable to get their hands on a bottle. Never fear, Pepsi has announced that a further limited run will be made available from the 3rd of November. Be on your toes.

Nike Mags

Michael J. Fox was able to make another iconic item of product placement from Back to the Future II a reality as he got to try on the first pair of Nike Mag self-lacing trainers. On the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research YouTube Channel we witnessed the actor demonstrating the technology that could actually hold real world benefits for suffers of Parkinsons, like Fox himself.

Once again Nike Mags will not be made widely available for consumers. A statement on the Nike website reads:

The 2015 Nike Mag is a limited edition release. It will only be available via auction, with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The specific details on the auctions will be posted to Nike News and via Twitter @Nike in spring 2016.

Toyota & Ford

Toyota took us on a tour of Hill Valley with Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) as they unveiled their own version of the Mr Fusion technology that powered the DeLorean in Back To The Future II.

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Toyota didn’t stop there. As seen in the Marai video above, they also unveiled a reincarnation of Marty’s coveted pick up, the other star vehicle from the Back to the Future movies. Presented in black with the familiar yellow KC spotlights, tubular bumpers and flared wheel arches this 2016 Toyota Tacoma was unveiled at Statler Toyota.

BTTF Toyota Tacoma

Ford got in on the act too with a spoof offer for their Fiesta and Focus range. With optional time travel, the site boasts an added extra for your car powered by 1.21 gigawatts. You could (if it were real) have your very own flux capacitor.

A Message From Doc Brown

Christopher Lloyd reprised his role as Doc Brown for a special message via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. It’s short but poignant.

And Finally…

Eclectic Method got the party started a little earlier in the month with this music/video mashup. Enjoy!

So now that the events of Back to the Future will all take place in the past, what was your favourite celebration of Back to the Future day? Let us know in the comments.


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