The Boys – An Uncensored Look At Amazon Prime’s New Show

The Boys – An Uncensored Look At Amazon Prime’s New Show

What do you do when superheroes start behaving out of line? Call in The Boys!

If you love Preacher, then I’m sure you’ll take a shine to The Boys, both comic stories that were created by Garth Ennis.

Both stories have been adapted for television by producers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Preacher, unfortunately, will have its fourth and final season this year, so I’m hoping The Boys will fill the gap!

The Boys is the story of a small group of vigilantes who watch over the world of superheroes. In this universe, superpowers are administered as a drug which was invented by Nazi scientists.

The most famous of all the superheroes are the Seven (top picture). They’re always saving the world and fans can follow their exploits with comics, toys and all the merchandise you can imagine. However, they’re not as squeaky clean as the image suggests.

If a superhero steps out of line, for example, a murder, you can be sure The Boys will soon sort them out…and probably in a violent fashion as well!

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This uncensored trailer for the new show looks unbelievably violent, more so than Preacher! The Boys is set for an eight-episode run which I hope will run longer as that can’t possibly contain all 72 comic issues of the story.

My only problem so far is Urban’s accent…

The Boys will debut July 26th on Amazon Prime.

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