The C64 is back – and this time it’s full size!

The C64 is back – and this time it’s full size!

December 2019 sees the launch of a full size C64 with working keyboard and a more responsive joystick.

Towards the tail end of 2018, ‘The C64 Mini’ launched to generally positive reviews. If criticism had to be made it could be pinpointed at two main areas. A horrendous joystick made action games hard to play and the keyboard was only for show, ruling out text based gaming.

A year and change on and you’ll be able to get your hands on the Mini’s big brother. A full-sized, playable replica of ‘The C64’, the worlds most popular 16-bit computer.

This bigger scale version is likely to contain largely the same guts as the Mini. Essentially an emulator, the Mini functions as well as expected. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Where the manufacturers are making positive adjustments is in the hardware itself.

Fans of old school text-based games will rejoice. ‘The C64’ will have a full-sized, fully functional keyboard. They’ve heeded the feedback received regarding the Mini’s joystick too. The new model features a full sized joystick completed with microswitches. Just like the classic original.

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Like the Mini, this version will come bundled with 64 classic games, though these are likely to be different titles to those found on it’s smaller sibling. ‘The C64’ will also run in two modes, C64 and Vic20, for the OG gamers out there.

Costing around £110.00 ‘The C64’ is expected to go on sale from December 5th 2019. Just in time for Christmas.

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