The Crew Of The Red Dwarf Need A Little Help!

The Crew Of The Red Dwarf Need A Little Help!

The crew of the Jupiter Mining Core vessel, Red Dwarf, need a little help in this new commercial

Red Dwarf is a half four British science fiction show that has run for twelve series (usually six episodes per series) and was first broadcast in 1988 on BBC2.

The show was about Dave Lister, the lowest ranking crew member aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. His bunkmate, second technician Arnold Rimmer, a neurotic coward who was the second lowest ranking member of staff.

The ship’s captain discovers that Lister has bought an illegal pet cat onboard the ship and is placed into stasis as punishment. This effectively freezes Lister in time and his pay will be suspended until release.

At this time, Rimmer fails to properly secure the drive plate after a repair and the entire crew is instantly killed by a radiation leak.

The ship’s computer, Holly, releases Lister from the stasis chamber which protected him from the radiation leak. However, he is shocked to learn that Holly had to let the background radiation levels drop to a safe level before releasing him, a small wait of 3 million years.

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Lister finds that his only companions are a being that mutated from his pet cat, aptly named Cat, and a hologram recreation of his bunkmate, Rimmer.

This small band would go on many adventures and were soon joined by Kryten, an android that made an appearance in series 2 before becoming a regular from series 3 onwards.

Whilst confirmation that a 13th series would be filming this year, it was a complete surprise that a one-minute commercial featuring the crew of Red Dwarf had already been filmed and aired on the 1st of July.

Entitled Stellar Rescue, the boys of the Red Dwarf are stuck on an alien world in the shuttlecraft known as Starbug. However, a quick call to the AA rescue service will get them on their way again.

You can watch the commercial below as well as a short behind the scenes video which contains a very interesting titbit. The two main people behind Red Dwarf were Rob Grant and Doug Naylor who created Grant Naylor Productions.

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However, this working partnership split in the mid-90s after the release of Red Dwarf VI. Doug has since been working on Red Dwarf by himself. But as you will see in the behind the scenes video, the two of them are together again. Does this mean they’re working together on Red Dwarf XIII?


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