The Crow – 10″ Eric Draven doll is a thing that you can buy

The Crow – 10″ Eric Draven doll is a thing that you can buy

LDD Presents The Crow. This weird looking doll based on the cult classic character is available to pre-order now.

Released in 1994, The Crow is twenty five years old. Made famous under tragic circumstances, the film attracted huge media attention when news broke that lead actor, Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) had died during filming in an accident involving a pistol.

Lee played Eric Draven who, alongside his fiancée, is callously murdered on the eve of their wedding. One year after their death and with his soul unable to rest, Draven rises from the dead to reap revenge on his murderers. All in all a dark story based on the gothic graphic novel written and illustrated by James O’Barr.

Somehow all of this seems to have inspired a cutesy doll from LDD Presents. Standing ten inches tall the doll comes with five points of articulation and arrives packaged in a presentation window box.

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LDD Presents The Crow is available to pre-order from for $46.00 now.

About LDD Presents The Crow | “They’re all dead. They just don’t know it yet”. From Alex Proyas’s cult classic superhero film, The Crow joins the LDD Presents family! After a crow brings Eric Draven’s restless soul back from the dead, he sets out to wreak revenge upon his killers. The Crow wears his signature face makeup and sports a sinister smirk. He is outfitted in a black shirt, leather-look pants, leather-look overcoat, and wears his fiancée’s engagement ring around his neck in her memory.

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