The Geekend Review | January 11th

The Geekend Review | January 11th


The Geekend Review | taking a look back at the last week’s geek news.

Geekend Review

The Geekend Review, “the cool form of uncool before uncool became a thing”. We take a look at some of the more exciting news stories to have dropped over the last week.

In this edition I take a look at how one man started a pizza war, a massive Lego set which forms one of the most obvious TV tie-ins, an international trailer we missed during the week, Spring is coming for a certain popular television series, a little bonus as we expand on one of Stiborge’s Top Fives of 2013.

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Oliver Aged 24 Starts A Pizza War In The UK

Regular readers may know him as Gameboy musician Superpowerless, others may be familiar with his How To Draw Really Good YouTube Channel. Oliver (age 24) Hindle has become something of a YouTube celebrity with his quirky videos that are genius in their simplicity. 2013 turned out to be quite the year for Oliver who moved from Manchester to London to begin working for a games developer. To kick off the new year he managed to start a war between pizza companies who began falling over themselves to give him their products for free. Here’s the story so far…

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Continue the story with part two and part three.

The Simpsons Lego

This week John reported on the story that the famous yellow TV family The Simpsons would be turned into little yellow brick people as the first Simpsons Lego set was announced.  It’s a beast of a set too consisting of no fewer than 2523 pieces.

Here are a few more pictures and a video showing how the Lego team set about developing the small scale characters.

Simpsons Lego
Simpsons Lego

Snowpiercer International Trailer

We’ve been following the progress of Snowpiercer for some time at The Unheard Nerd. The story finds the world in a state of global ice-age where the remaining inhabitants survive upon a train that perpetually circumvents the world. A cruel class system develops upon the train creating a divide between the privileged and the poor. This is the latest international trailer.

Game Of ThronesSpring Is Coming

Game Of Thrones Season 4 will be back on screens from April 2014 with season 3 due out on DVD and Bluray from the middle to end of February, depending on where in the world you are.

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Top-5-musicStiborge’s Top Ten Albums

Stiborge graced us with his top five lists for TV and Movies, Video Games and Music but has expanded on his album list to form a top ten:

10. iceage – You’re Nothing
9. Dr. Awkward – Blank Pages
8. Chance the Rapper – Acid Raps
7. Grave Babies – Crusher
6. Childish Gambino – Because the Internet

Check out his top five here.


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