The I.T. Crowd Night On Channel 4

The I.T. Crowd Night On Channel 4

Channel 4 in the UK is celebrating one of its brilliant nerd based comedies with a night dedicated to The I.T. Crowd.

The show has been of my favourite comedies of recent times and unfortunately it finally came to an end this year with a one off special.

To celebrate Channel 4 are broadcasting the final one hour special again followed by an hour long documentary, entitled The I.T. Crowd Manual. This will contain interviews with the cast, crew and various celebrity fans. Writer / creator Graham Lineham will give viewers a tour of the basement set pointing out the many wonderful pieces of set direction that you may have missed whilst watching the show.

This will be followed by two more episodes. The first will be the favourite show as voted for by the fans via a poll on the Channel 4 web site and the second show will be Graham Linehams favourite.

The night will also feature new video links featuring relations manager Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson).

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The schedule is as follows :

9pm: The IT Crowd 2013 Special: The Internet Is Coming

10pm: The IT Crowd Manual

11pm: The fan’s favourite episode

11:30pm: Graham Linehan’s favourite episode

The I.T. Crowd night will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Christmas eve, 24th December. You can vote for your favourite epsiode by following this link.



Thanks to The British Comedy Guide for the story.


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