The Incredibles 2 | Just A Little Tease!

The Incredibles 2 | Just A Little Tease!

Incredibles 2 will swoop into cinemas next year. Pixar unveil the tiniest sneak peek of what is to come.

The Incredibles (2004) was a film about the Parr family, the parents, son and daughter all had superhero powers. The family had been in hiding ever since the law was changed and it was made illegal for them to save the world/fight crime etc.

The Parrs are soon called into action when a new evil villain threatens to take over the world once more.

The Incredibles was a great superhero film with many comedic nods and touches on all aspects of how superheroes lived their lives. The film was directed by Brad Bird who also directed The Iron Giant and Ratatouille before moving onto live action with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Tomorrowland: A World Beyond.

When originally released, there was no sequel planned but as the years passed by Bird knew he wanted to revisit the superhero world he had created, he said he just needed the right idea.

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This sequel will pick up where the original film left us hanging, an imminent attack by the villain known as the Underminer.

As teaser trailers go, this one is really short and reveals hardly any new information, especially if you’ve seen the excellent short film Jack-Jack Attack that was included in the home video release of The Incredibles.

Title: The Incredibles 2

Release | US: 15th June | UK: 13th July | World: IMDb


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