The infamous and very rare Nintendo PlayStation is up for sale

The infamous and very rare Nintendo PlayStation is up for sale

Four years after flooring the gaming community with their Nintendo PlayStation prototype, Terry and Dan Diebold have put the console up for sale.

When it comes to retro gaming rarities, Tim Diebold hit the jackpot when he bought the rarest console of all at a bankruptcy auction. In 2005 his son, Dan, revealed the find to the world. They had a semi-functioning Nintendo PlayStation.

A what? You may ask if you missed the story. In 1998 Nintendo and Sony were collaborating on a console that would play both Super Nintendo cartridges and games on CD-ROM. At the time CDs marked a brave new era in video gaming.

The machines were debuted by Sony at the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, with licensing rights unresolved, Nintendo suddenly pulled the plug on the deal very publicly. The company announced, the very next day after Sony had unveiled the console, that they would be partnering with Philips instead.

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Sony were understandably annoyed by Nintendo’s sudden exit from their partnership and resolved to develop the console themselves. They did just that and the PlayStation, as we know it, went on to dominate the home console market for decades to follow.

All prototype Nintendo PlayStations were ordered to be destroyed. But of the few hundred manufactured, a few seem to have avoided the cull.

After sending the gaming community into a frenzy with their discovery, Terry and Dan Diebold would go on to have the console cleaned a restored.

Now this unique piece of gaming history is up for sale as Terry Diebold has revealed via twitter.

The console should fetch a handsome sum for its rarity value. But gamers are worried that the machine will fall into the hands of a wealthy collector where it will disappear, never to be seen again.

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Some have even proposed that a crowdfunding page be set up to raise funds to buy the console with the goal of donating the machine to a museum so that it may be enjoyed by the masses. Let’s hope this plan comes to fruition.

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