The King of Maine? Spose Could Do That

The King of Maine? Spose Could Do That

Maine Rapper Spose drops his latest album, but if  you want it before May 5 you’ve got to work for it.

Maine | ‘Good Luck With Your Life’ is available for pre-order already but Spose has given music and gaming fans a treat. ‘Spose: The King of Maine’ is a mobile and tablet infinite runner game in which players take control of Spose as he works his way through different counties jumping to collect pine cones, ice coffee and coins to unlock new tracks all while hurling boots at man-bun-flinging hipsters and grumpy old guys among others.

Each coin unlocks a new track and the pine cones are used as currency to stream them.

Spose Video Game

Speaking to Spose explains “We’re releasing the game with four counties, Level 1 is Wells in York County, Cumberland is Portland, the Fryeburg Fair is Oxford, and in Kennebec, you fight LePage to become the King of Maine.” The game animation reminds me a little of South Park  and it’s a lot of fun, with each level not  excessively long but with enough longevity as you try and find each hidden track.

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I’d definitely say it’s worth your money just for the game alone to pass some time but with the added bonus of a new album it’s an even sweeter deal.

The game can be purchased for £1.89 on the Google Play and  the App Store for iOS, visit for all the deets – or if you really just want to get the album without the game then it’s available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Get a flavour of what to expect with the first video from ‘Good Luck With Your Life’ – Anna Kendrick.

About Spose | Producer and emcee Spose, hailing from Wells, Maine USA, has been making music since age 9 and rhyming since 1999 when he was 14. Since the release of his debut album “Preposterously Dank” in 2008 on his own imprint, Spose has seen his musical endeavors reach a new plateau.

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