The Mighty Rhino | Stay Up | Video

The Mighty Rhino | Stay Up | Video

Toronto rapper The Mighty Rhino has the upbeat summer song you need right now. Join himas he leads a procession of his friends and family through the Kensington Market neighbourhood.

Get your weekend off to a great start with this perfect summer song from The Mighty Rhino. Mellow beats, uplifting lyrics and a laid back melodic flow result in a great soundtrack to a sunny day off.

Back in May the Toronto rapper gathered friends and family for a procession through the beautiful and iconic Kensington Market neighbourhood in downtown Toronto for the video that accompanies ‘Stay Up’. It looks like they caught the perfect summers day to encapsulate the feel of the song.

About The Mighty Rhino |  Hailing as he does from a milquetoast, well-to-do Jewish enclave in the Toronto suburb of North York, no one would expect the nebbishy-looking kid born Noah Goodbaum to have the makings of a great rapper. But there he was, appearing at Never Forgive Action’s riotous monthly Hip Hop Karaoke nights, garnering a loyal following simply by showing up and attacking the mic with remarkable verbal dexterity, quintessential showmanship, and enough explosive energy to crack the world wide open.

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