Adam Warrock + Mikal kHill + Tribe One | The Planeswalkers Mixtape

Adam Warrock + Mikal kHill + Tribe One | The Planeswalkers Mixtape

Adam Warrock has become obsessed with Magic The Gathering resulting in a new mixtape with Mikal kHill and Tribe One.

Warrock explains the roots of the project: “Last August, I went to PAX. I played some card games while there. So when Tribe One and I went on our first of three straight tours together, I said to him, “Hey Tribe. Will you teach me how to play Magic?” It seemed like a good idea. Touring is a lot of waiting around, a lot of sitting at a hotel, a lot of mindless boredom. This figured to be a good way to kill some time, and since we’re basically in a new city every day, a good way to incentivize our travel by getting boosters in each new city. I still remember what he said to me. He said, “You have no idea what you’re about to do to yourself.”

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To satisfy our horrible urges to play, me, Mikal kHill and Tribe One play online with each other, almost nightly, via google hangout. And in a weird way, it’s brought us all closer together. So we obviously had to make a mixtape for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Produced by kHill who also provides vocals alongside Warrock and Tribe One the Planeswalkers Mixtape is made up of five tracks referencing Magic The Gathering. But fear not, even if you’re not familiar with the game there’s still lots to enjoy. And best of all, it’s available for free.

Check out to download or for the full story in his words.


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