The Rock Takes On The Jungle With Jumanji | First Look

The Rock Takes On The Jungle With Jumanji | First Look

Jumanji lives on but has since changed form into a video game as four teenagers are about to discover!

The original Jumanji film was released in 1995 and starred the late Robin Williams as Alan Parish. He started playing in 1969 and was magically transported into the world of Jumanji for twenty-six years.

It wasn’t until a brother and sister discovered the game and started playing that Alan was rescued and came back into the real world.

In 2005, director Jon Favreau (Iron Man 1 & 2) bought us Zathura: A Space Adventure. Whilst this was based on a book by the same author as Jumanji, Chris Van Allsburg, the two are only loosely connected, although many consider this a spiritual sequel.

Now fast forward to 2017 and we have a new Jumanji with the tagline, Welcome To The Jungle. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan.

Rather than a straight-up reboot, some have claimed this is actually a sequel of sorts as there will be references to the original 1995 film.

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Title: Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Release | US: 20th December | UK: 26th December | World: IMDb

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