The Royal Mail celebrate classic video games with new stamps

The Royal Mail celebrate classic video games with new stamps

A new twelve stamp collection from the Royal Mail pays tribute to the UK’s contribution to video games in the 1980s and ’90s.

Tomb Raider takes centre stage in the Royal Mails new video games set with a collection of four stamps celebrating the evolution of the game’s iconic protagonist, Lara Croft between 1996 and 2013. Tomb Raider was developed in Derby and first released on PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC in 1996 by Core Design. Since then a long-running series of games have followed as well as movie spin-offs.

A further eight stamps individually pay tribute to other video games developed in the UK throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

Featured games from the eighties include ‘Elite’ (1984) – an early space-trading game originally developed for BBC Micro and Acorn Electronic computers. Dizzy (1987) – a puzzler featuring an adventurous egg – and ‘Populous’ (1989) – which was the first building game and a forefather to Sim City.

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From the nineties the Royal Mail celebrate strategy game ‘Lemmings’ (1991). The iconic top-down racer, ‘Micro Machines’ (1991). ‘Sensible Soccer’ (1992) – a landmark football game. ‘Wipeout’ (1995) – a super-fast, futuristic racer which featured booming beats from the likes of Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. And finally, ‘Worms’ (1995) – a quirky battle strategy game where battalions of worms were armed and pitted against each other in all out warfare.

The sets come in a variety of display options. They are available to pre-order now or go on sale from January 21st.

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