The Sci-Fi Air Show

The Sci-Fi Air Show

A new attraction has opened allowing the public to get up close to see some of the famous space ships that have populated the film and television world from our youth.

The Sci-Fi Air Show’s role is to preserve and promote the huge range of classic sci-fi and fantasy vehicles that have appeared on out television and cinema screens over the years. Once production had finished on these shows, the vehicles were often lost or forgotten. The Sci-Fi Air Show aims to restore and preserve these classic designs of beauty.


The Sci-Fi Air Show is of course entirely fictional¬†but just taking a quick glance at the photo’s you could quite easily be fooled into thinking otherwise. The format is based around the notion that all of your favorite science fiction vehicles were actually built for real, they actually flew and reached into space.

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A Tie Fighter (Star Wars), an Eagle 9 (Space 1999) and several Vipers (Battlestar Galatica) are just some of the vehicles that have been saved from  destruction and have since been restored. They are now proudly displayed allowing the public to get a closer look.



In reality these are in fact scale models that have been photographed and blended into actual air show backgrounds creating an almost perfect illusion. Each entry into the Sci-Fi Air Show comes with a fake history detailing what happened to the vehicle after it had been used for filming.

See more at The Sci-Fi Air Show website.

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