The Scribes | Mr Teatime & The End Of The World | Album & Video

The Scribes | Mr Teatime & The End Of The World | Album & Video

The Scribes return with a post apocalyptic seven track Sci-Fi Hip-Hopera and a simple, unique and captivating video for the third track, Dust.

Paying tribute to 80s sci-fi movies, The Scribes bring a new album curiously titled Mr Teatime & The End Of The World. Set in the year 2074, beyond the dramatic and catastrophic end of life on Earth as we know it, the bleak future of the human race falls on the shoulders of potentially its sole inhabitant. Join him on a quest to find other survivors and to battle the robot uprising before it’s too late.

Predominantly monotone vocals tell a strangely compelling first person narrative set against a backdrop of raw, gritty, glitchy hip-hop beats that perfectly set a dystopian tone. This is one incredibly clever and involving release that draws the listener into an imaginary future thanks to the rich tapestry painted in the mind’s eye by smart instrumentation and production. Let yourself become fully immersed and you’ll feel breathless and claustrophobic at times as you’re taken through desperate situations, wonderfully presented via legitimate and descriptive lyricism.

Running at a total time of a little over twenty minutes long Mr Teatime & The End Of The World is presented both as one continuous and evolving track split into seven distinguishable acts by title and tone for the purist, and as individual tracks on the same download. By far The Scribes’ most ambitious and accomplished work to date Mr Teatime & The End Of The World will appeal to sci-fi nerds and hip-hop aficionados alike.

Mr Teatime & The End Of The World is available to download via iTunes.

Will Harrison

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