The Scribes X J-Boom – Stir Crazy ft Mr Teatime [Video]

The Scribes X J-Boom – Stir Crazy ft Mr Teatime [Video]

With a new track and video, each produced during lockdown, The Scribes personify the loneliness and madness many of us have felt this year.

2020 has been a year unlike any other. Few could have foreseen the onset of a global pandemic that would effect every facet of our lives. For some government enforced lockdown has been the biggest challenge. The loneliness, the inability to move freely. The sense of confinement.

During this time The Scribes vocalist, Shaun Amos, has embraced the madness, channelling these feelings into his art.

‘Stir Crazy’ forms a snapshot of a unique period of human history. The song was written and produced during a period of lockdown, a time where many have weighed the abundance of free time against the loss of daily routine and a sense of purpose. The song is a reflection on loneliness and the madness we’ve all witnessed in 2020.

In true Fight Club style, the track features vocals by Mr Teatime, the alter-ego of the song’s protagonist. Beats are provided by Finnish based producer, J Boom, and ‘Stir Crazy’ is released by The Get Down Records as a bandcamp exclusive.

About The Scribes | The Scribes are one of the most talented up and coming artists on the scene and are hotly tipped to “step up to the big league at any time”, their genuinely unique sound is something you really have to hear for yourself, with appeal ranging far beyond the traditional hip hop fare, and is backed up by live performances proven to move any crowd.

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