The SEGA Mega Drive was released in the UK 30 years ago today

The SEGA Mega Drive was released in the UK 30 years ago today

SEGA’s best selling console was released 30 years ago today in the UK. The Mega Drive went head to head with Nintendo’s SNES in the 16-bit console wars.

With almost 30 million units sold, SEGA’s best selling console ever is the Mega Drive. First released in Japan in October 1998 and the following year in North America (As the Genesis), SEGA’s flagship console finally made it’s way into UK stores on September 14th 1990.

Upon release the console cost £189.99, not a significant amount less that Microsoft’s new XBox Series S, due out in November this year.

At the time, of course, the Mega Drive was cutting edge technology with it’s 16-bit graphics and advanced sound capabilities. Famously SEGA and Nintendo battled it out for video game supremacy in the nineties before Sony began their domination of the market towards the end of the decade.

The console was discontinued worldwide in 1997, making way for SEGA’s far less commercially successful Saturn and subsequent Dreamcast consoles.

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SEGA’s 16-bit machine remains an important part of video game history and enjoyed a successful renaissance recently with the release of the Mega Drive Mini. A micro version of the console that comes bundled with 42 classic games.

Whilst Nintendo are widely recognised as the winners of the nineties’ console wars, my allegiance was always with SEGA.

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