The Simpsons X Vans – See the collection and release date

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The Simpsons X Vans – See the collection and release date

The Simpsons X Vans collaboration bears a full range of footwear and apparel featuring your favourite characters. Prepare your wallet, there’s not long until they drop.

Vans teased their latest pop-culture collaboration at the tail end of July which should have excited fans of The Simpsons. Now we get to see, what we assume is the entire range, if not a large part of it, which includes an extensive collection of sneakers and other apparel.

Leading the pack is Vans’ classic Sk8-Hi silhouette which features The Simpsons in two styles. As we know and love them now, and how they originally appeared in a debut animated short first shown on the Tracey Ullman show in 1987.

The show has come a long way since that first appearance and has been renewed up to, at least, season 32. So influential has The Simpsons become on society that words created for the show have been immortalised in the Oxford English dictionary.

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Indeed, The Simpsons lineage is such that this isn’t the show’s first collaboration with Vans. The two first combined forces thirteen years ago for a range of footwear. Finding a pair of sneakers from that collection will cost you a small fortune such is the rarity value.

It’s safe to assume that the 2020 collection will sell pretty quickly too, though such is the popularity of The Simpsons that we would expect Vans to have produced high enough quantities to satisfy those quick off the blocks. Snooze and, most likely, you will lose.

The range includes all of Vans staple sneakers and whilst the Simpsons family take precedent, in terms of designs, some items branch out to include pieces that honour Krusty the Clown, Moe’s Tavern and and pair of Slip-Ons that present the ensemble cast.

For those that aren’t sneaker heads there’s a cool range of apparel too. Tees and caps featuring Bart and Lisa plus backpacks, a bumbag and, for those beach days, a pair of glazed doughnut sliders.

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The Simpsons X Vans range drops on August 7th at where you can register your interest now. Check out many, many images of the collection below.

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