The Sony/Nintendo PlayStation becomes the most valuable console

The Sony/Nintendo PlayStation becomes the most valuable console

With a final sale price of $360,000 the rare Sony/Nintendo PlayStation prototype becomes the highest valued console sale of all time.

Records may have been set, but the winning bid for the only known prototype of Sony and Nintendo’s failed PlayStation collaboration fell way short of expectation.

Ahead of the much publicised auction, it didn’t seem inconceivable that the ultra-rare console could sell for a million dollars or more. In reality the final sale price was considerably less than that. A winning bid of $300,000 won the lot with a buyers premium adding a further $60,000 making this the most valuable video games lot ever recorded.

Terry Diebold, the seller of the console, may still be kicking himself though. It has been reported that Diebold had previously been offered $1.2 million to complete a private sale. The offer was rejected. Perhaps under the assumption that an auction would be more lucrative?

Whatever the circumstances, there is some good news for games enthusiasts, many of whom feared that the console would be snapped up, placed into someone’s private collection and never seen again. The new owner of the PlayStation prototype is Greg McLemore, an avid video game collector.

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Now in his early 50s, McLemore made his money in real estate and as a dot-com entrepreneur. With his significant wealth he has indulged his passion for video games amassing an extensive collection that includes over 800 coin-operated machines.

Significantly, Forbes reports that McLemore is planning to create a permanent museum where his collection can be displayed to fans. This includes his latest acquisition, the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation.

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