The SpongeBob Musical | Poster And Plot

The SpongeBob Musical | Poster And Plot

Yep, The SpongeBob Musical is set to premiere in Chicago and hit Broadway this June, so here’s a little about that.

Firstly, do not adjust your internetz, yes, there’s a Spongebob Musical based upon Nickelodeon’s square-panted yellow sponge. The show has been in development since 2008, now some eight years later it will finally debut in Chicago this June.

Directed by Steppenwolf member Tina Landau the musical may not be exactly what fan’s expect, as Landau explained to Entertainment Weekly:

Before there was even a story, from very early on we did movement and physical workshops to explore the idea of whether we could really create these characters onstage without using literal representations of what they look like in the cartoon,” Landau tells EW. “The DNA is the same but the form is so radically different, we’re not approaching it literally. We’re not trying to take the cartoon and put it onstage. We’re trying to create a live theatrical event.

As with the look of the show, the plot with have a familiar feel though tell an entirely original story not adapted from any of the television shows, but will feature many of the principal characters and supporting cast. Alongside SpongeBob will be Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, and Gary – but in human form.

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The SpongeBob Musical follows a day in the fictional underwater town of Bikini Bottom, where the citizens have just learned that a nearby volcano named Mount Humongous will erupt at sundown the next day. Amid the antics and fantasies of the community over the ensuing 24 hours, SpongeBob takes it upon himself to save the day and rescue his city from certain destruction.

Moving away from a faithful adaptation is a bold move when taking into consideration your audience is primarily made up of children, however Landau reveals the target audience are more open minded than one might expect:

“We brought in different age groups and were most worried they were going to say, ‘But he’s not square!’” she recalls of previewing SpongeBob’s human concept to the core audience. “The main response was, ‘We finally got to see him in real life.’ They loved it. They felt they were getting to spend time with him in his authentic form.”

Read the full story over at Entertainment Weekly.

The Spongebob Musical Poster

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