The Street Fighter II x Replicade is available to pre-order now

The Street Fighter II x Replicade is available to pre-order now

New Wave Toys’ ‘Street Fighter II: Champion Edition’ mini arcade cabinet is available to pre-order now.

A 12″ tall replica of the classic ‘Street Fighter II: Champion Edition’ arcade cabinet would make a great statement piece on the shelf of any avid retro gamer. How about if it was fully playable too though? Wonder no longer. This mini arcade cabinet from New Wave Games provides exactly that.

Built to one sixth scale, the ‘Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade’ accurately represents the profile of the original design.

Manufactured from wood and with a diecast metal coin door each unit is built with a painstaking attention to detail. Artwork has been professionally recreated to mimic the original. The company have also developed scaled down controls that allow for accurate gameplay.

Each unit runs a ROM of ‘Street Fighter II: Champion Edition’ which is officially licensed by the software developer, Capcom.

Pre-orders are open now for units with bonuses available for early purchases. Buy now and the SFII x Replicade will cost you $99.99 rather than the regular price of $119.99. In addition you’ll get a second mini controller thrown in as well for two player action. Even better units will come loaded with ‘Super Street Fighter II: Turbo’ as well.

You’ll need to pay the full cost now with units scheduled to begin shipping from July 1st. Visit for more information.

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