The Wandering Earth | Chinese Sci-fi Blockbuster Comes To Netflix

The Wandering Earth | Chinese Sci-fi Blockbuster Comes To Netflix

When the Sun threatens Earth’s future, humanity will come together to find a solution to their survival

The Wandering Earth is China’s second most successful film of all time. Opening on Chinese New Year (5th Feb), the film later opened in the US and Australia raking in over $600 million worldwide, mostly from its home market.

But what is it about? The Wandering Earth is set in a distant future where the Sun has neared the end of its life and will turn into a red giant. This means that it will expand and engulf its nearest planets including Earth.

The nations of the Earth combine into the United Earth Government in order to find a way to save our planet. Their solution is to build fusion powered thrusters all over the planet in order to move it to a safer location.

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However, this doesn’t come without consequences. The stopping of the Earth’s rotation causes huge tidal waves to kill untold amounts of the population. Also, because they are no longer orbiting the Sun, much of the Earth’s surface plummets into freezing temperatures forcing the survivors to live underground in huge cities next to the fusion thrusters.

The plan is to use Jupiter’s gravity to slingshot the Earth further into space, but Jupiter’s gravity is too strong and causes huge devastating earthquakes and thousands of Earth’s thruster engines to catastrophically fail.

On February 20th, Netflix announced that it has acquired international streaming rights to The Wandering Earth and will be available to view later in the year.


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