There’s A Sequel?! Beyond Skyline: Skyline 2!

There’s A Sequel?! Beyond Skyline: Skyline 2!

When an alien invasion force attacks the earth, a tough detective must battle to rescue his son from the invaders!

Skyline was one of those flashy CGI filled invasion films that hit our theatres way back in 2010. I remember it as a true brainless popcorn flick that I had no desire to watch again once it was over.

My biggest gripe with the film was that a climatic battle was played out during the end credits using static rendered 3D models. It was akin to watching a slideshow of the films final moments.

That said, however, the film was very impressive for its low budget, reportedly between $10-20 million. The film was a critical flop but still made around $78 million worldwide.

The directors, Greg and Colin Strause, unphased by its reception said they had plans for a follow-up story.

Now, seemingly out of nowhere, a trailer has appeared seven years later for a sequel entitled, Beyond Skyline: Skyline 2. The Brothers Strause are now the producers and this sequel has been directed by Liam O’Donnell.

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This new film is a separate story that runs parallel to the first film and whilst the original was rated PG-13, Beyond Skyline has been confirmed to have upped the violence with an R rating.

Beyond Skyline will see a worldwide theatrical release around November with a North American run being strictly limited. This will be closely followed by a release onto Video On Demand services.


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