These gaming glasses are killing it on Kickstarter right now

These gaming glasses are killing it on Kickstarter right now

These ultra-slim smart audio glasses for gamers incorporate modern tech with a retro aesthetic. They crushed their Kickstarter target within 24 hours.

They look like something Tony Stark might have worn before the Thanos snap. But these glasses are designed to provide an immersive audio experience for gamers and protect their eyes from harmful blue light.

Mutrics GB-30 are purported to be the world’s first smart glasses for gamers. Made from ultra-thin and lightweight materials, this eye wear is designed to be worn for long sessions without becoming uncomfortable.

Open-ear audio technology transmits sound direct to the inner ear without cutting players off from their surroundings. Gamers can remain aware and interact with others whilst still enjoying an immersive experience. In fact, the use of near-field audio technology allows the user to experience virtual 5.1 surround sound.

These glasses reportedly help to reduce eye strain too. Their anti-blue light transparent lenses help to protect the eyes from harmful radiation emitted from modern screens over long periods of use.

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Whilst the designers have embraced cutting edge components, the glasses themselves embrace a retro feel. Controls for volume on the arms of the glasses are reminiscent of the buttons and D-Pad found on Nintendo’s GameBoy. A retro look doesn’t mean that the manufacturers have cut corners on comfort. Each pair is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and prolonged use.

At the time of writing over £110,000 has been pledged, smashing the campaigns original goal of £3,841 by a long shot.

Early birds got to snap up a pair for $99. That’s $100 off the ultimate retail price. These are all sold out but a second tier level of pricing starts at $109. With still more than 40 days left more options may well be opened up.

Find the campaign on kickstarter.

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