This home arcade is a thing of beauty. Wood meets tech.

This home arcade is a thing of beauty. Wood meets tech.

Designer, Rafael Rubio, has created a beautiful tabletop arcade that combines retro-gaming with antique appeal. This is wood-e.

Whilst there’s nothing particularly complicated about the innards of Rafael Rubio’s retro-gaming ‘Wood-w’ arcade machine, it’s exterior is stunning.

Manufactured from machine-milled wood, the warm tones of the curved casing are contrasted with a glossy black control panel and matching housing for the modern display. A retro joystick and matching red buttons, reminiscent of classic arcade cabinets, add nostalgia to the overall aesthetic.

Inside, the unit is a Raspberry Pi running emulation software. A simple solution that allows the unit to emulate pretty much any old console with a library of thousands of classic games (just make sure you own the original).

Wood-e appears to be a design project rather than a commercial endeavour. Regardless, I thing we can agree that Rubio has created something beautiful that any retro-gamer might enjoy having in their home.

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