This is the end | On our tenth anniversary, we bid you farewell.

This is the end | On our tenth anniversary, we bid you farewell.

To our readers, listeners, contributors and friends. We send our love and thanks.

After months of careful and heartfelt consideration, we have (I have) made the decision to close Today, September 17th 2021 is the official tenth anniversary of the site. It feels very satisfying to wrap things up so neatly exactly ten years to the day after it started. We follow in the footsteps of greatness. William Shakespeare famously died on his birthday.

What started out as a humble blogger site on September 17th 2011 soon grew into something much more. My long-time friend, John, graciously agreed to share his passion for film, contributing tens of thousands of words through his reviews, news and features for the site, helping it to evolved into the platform you see now.

John has been my partner throughout. In many ways working together on this website ensured that our friendship could endure even though we rarely see each other in person beyond the odd preview screening and our days out at Comic-Con. I love that John moved out of his comfort zone to co-host our (far from) regular podcasts. Indeed it’s this time we spend chatting about the things we love that I cherish the most. It’s for this reason that, although we will stop producing content for the website, we will continue to publish our podcast, ‘Jump The Shark‘.

A special episode of the podcast is just around the corner in which we discuss the many reasons for closing the site as well as taking a fond look back at ten years of

John and Will at MCM Comic Con London

I will maintain The Unheard Nerd’s presence on our existing social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Though we won’t be producing long-form content via these, I will be sharing news, commentary and reaction, predominantly via twitter. And if you don’t already, be sure to follow John on twitter, @UKFilmNerd.

There have been many contributors to over the years. We’ve been blessed to help present Impossible Gaming hosted by the incomparable Chadley and Tristan. Two infectiously funny Canadians. Their YouTube show will undoubtedly continue to sporadically appear. I’ll continue to share their episodes on social media.

Huge thanks go out to Stuart, aka 2ButtonHero, who became a great friend and gig companion who shared his love of retro video gaming to the site.

There have been many others who have contributed their words with us too. To each of you, thankyou! You have my love and respect always.

The Unheard Nerd has always been more that just an outlet to share our thoughts and opinions. It’s been a conduit for building friendships through the years. Those that get and agree with what we do, and those that respect us enough to call us out when they think we’ve got it wrong (and boy, have I got things wrong at times – but I’m learning and growing always).

Nerdcore Hip-Hop has always been at the core of The Unheard Nerd. I received a postcard this week from MC Lars. It came with his most recent album that I’d backed on Kickstarter. But the message was personal. He thanked me for years of support and hoped to see me again soon. “Unheard Nerd 4 Life!”, he wrote. And even though the website is closing, the Unheard Nerd is for life. It’ll never fully be gone until I am. Lars’ message was a boost I needed knowing that I’d be writing this message today.

I’ve been truly lucky. I’ve met many of my favourite musicians in various cities around the globe (Toronto, New York, London) and they’ve always been amazing people. More or Les, Mega Ran, Wordburglar, Schaffer the Darklord, Dual Core, Tribe One, MC Frontalot, Lex the Lexicon Artist, Vince Vandal, Uncommon Nasa, Akira The Don, Ghettosocks… the list goes on.

This message could go on, but it’s probably best to keep things brief(ish).

I’ll finish now by saying thank you to all of those that have contributed their talents to the site, those that contributed their art and most importantly, those that supported us for ten years. Those who read our reviews, stories and features. Those that listened to our podcasts.

Thank you a million times.

Check out the next episode of Jump the Shark where John and I go into much more detail about the reasons behind closing the site and how we will continue to engage with you all.

Peace and love.

Will Harrison (The Unheard Nerd)

Will Harrison

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