This Is What The First Trailer Should’ve Been! | Venom

This Is What The First Trailer Should’ve Been! | Venom

Sony reveals a second trailer which finally lets us see Venom himself!

Sony released the first trailer for Venom back in February which was literally just after the film had finished principal photography the previous month. I found the trailer quite underwhelming and obviously there were almost no shots containing any form of CGI work.

This second trailer, not only fleshes out the main story for Venom but also ends on a glorious reveal of the titular character himself.

Tom Hardy plays journalist Eddie Brock who unwittingly becomes the host for an alien symbiote known as Venom

It appears, not unsurprisingly, that Spider-Man will not be a part of this film as he resides under the Marvel Cinematic Universe over at Disney. This does beg the question, how does Venom get his infamous look? Comic book fans will know that his appearance comes in part from originally being hosted by Peter Parker, hence the large Spider-Man like eyes.

Maybe all our questions will be answered later this year when the film opens in October.

Title: Venom

Release | US: 5th October | UK: 5th October | World: IMDb


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