This Would Never Happen Today! On Set With Ghostbusters 2

This Would Never Happen Today! On Set With Ghostbusters 2

A father, his son and best friend discover the filming of Ghostbusters 2 with surprising consequences!

Starting in November of 1988 and the for the following two months, Ghostbusters 2 was in production. The first two weeks of November were scheduled for location work in and around the city of New york.

For whatever reasons, during a dark winters evening, a father and son along with his son’s best friend are walking through the streets of New York when they happen to spot the Ghostbuster’s car, the ECTO1, parked up in a garage.

The father asked the security team if they could possibly look around the vehicle to which they agreed. The two young boys walk around the vehicle while the father captures this moment on his VHS camcorder.

But this surprise find is about to get better! The security guard asks if the boys would like to meet the Ghostbusters themselves! (I presume, it is not clear on the video.)

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In today’s modern age of smartphones and access to the internet, access to film sets is strictly enforced and there are rules in place. Film studios don’t want unofficial behind the scenes videos or pictures leaking onto the internet (but of course it does occasionally happen.)

Even when filming in public places, the film crew, along with security, usually try to block off as much as they can or hide anything that would reveal the film’s secrets.

Back to our story in 1989. “If anyone says, your a friend of mine”, says the security guard as he leads them onto the set of Ghostbusters 2 where they appear to be filming one of the films final shots. The father is still recording and no-one seems to bat an eyelid!

In this day and age, this would be strictly forbidden but in a time before the internet, I guess this was no real protocol for this kind of thing. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? The father would obviously show family and friends but how many people would that ultimately be? 10?20? More?

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It’s delightful to see Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray stay in character as the children meet their heroes.


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