Thundering Asteroids |  The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy

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Thundering Asteroids | The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy

You may never have realised you needed a nerd punk guide to the galaxy… you do!

More pop-culture references than you can shake a drum stick at all wrapped up in power chords. Portland nerd punk band Thundering Asteroids bring their new album The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy to masses.

Vocalist Minn delivers punk attitude over the solid power chords of guitarist Ed Thousand-One, the wandering basslines of Scott Starkiller and the high tempo beats of drummer Trey K421. There are songs about Dungeons & Dragons, a sci-fi pub crawl and quitting your job on the album opener Nuke This Site From Orbit. The quartet usually kick it around the Portland rock scene and played GeekGirlCon in Seattle recently.

If you like nerdy references, punk rock and are prepared to involuntarily nod your head and sneer then you can download The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy from bandcamp now as a name your price release.

They have been beating the Kobayashi Maru with over-caffeinated power chords since 2009. With topics ranging from sexy lamps to goblin kings and from superheroes to kill screens, their geek badges are proudly emblazed on their sleeves.


Will Harrison

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