Timbuktu | How Huge: The Legend Of Howard Huge

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Timbuktu | How Huge: The Legend Of Howard Huge

How Huge? The Legend Of Howard Huge as told by Timbuktu.

Timbuktu gave us a taster of what to expect from his new album last month with the release of the single Motel 6. Now you can experience the full story of How Huge: The Legend Of Howard Huge.

A talented producer, lyricist and rapper, Timbuktu is often found creating beats and teaming up with his homies on other projects. He’s one half of Teenburger with Ghettosocks who toured extensively throughout March, one third of Swamp Thing alongside Chokeules and Savillion, One fourth of Wolves,¬†again with ‘Socks but also Muneshine and D-Sisive. If that wasn’t enough he’s also the driving force behind the Backburner collective.

So there’s no debating his pedigree but it feels like his solo work doesn’t necessarily receive the hype it truly deserves. His last album Stranger Danger should already be in your collection, if it’s not you can rectify that for just $7 now. If you need further convincing look no further than this amazing video for the opening track, Rock Radio.

What to expect from How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge then? Fourteen tracks of kick-ass hip-hop, in short. Timbuktu enlists the help of most of the afore mentioned with Wordburglar, More or Les and Ambition making guest appearances too. Lighten Up is produced by UK rare-groove duo The Herbaliser who Tim and Ghettosocks toured with in 2012/13.

Always a blend of up-beat production with a hint of a sinister undertone, subtle samples with humour permeating there’s an awful lot to enjoy throughout. This is epitomised in the track Stanima with Ghettosocks guesting on vocals.

How Huge: The Legend Of Howard Huge is available via the Droppin’ Science bandcamp page as a digital download for just $7 whilst the digi-pack will set you back $12. Don’t sleep on this one.


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