Timbuktu | Motel 6 | Single

Timbuktu | Motel 6 | Single

Timbuktu drops Motel 6 ahead of the release of his new album, How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge.

Fresh from the stages of SXSW as one half of Teenburger alongside Ghettosocks, Timbuktu has dropped the first single from his soon to be release new album How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge, Motel 6 produced by Bix.

How Huge chronicles the eccentric behaviour and disorderly lifestyle of an exuberant, famously moustached, notoriously carousing, and uproarious rap magnate. His legend unfolds over 14 Timbuktu slathered tracks featuring production by Timbuk himself, Bix, Ghettosocks, The Herbaliser, and Fresh Kils; cuts by Thomas Ambient, Ollie Teeba, and Uncle Fester; with guest appearances by The Artifacts, The Herbaliser, Ghettosocks, John Smith, Swamp Thing, Relic, Ambition, Chokeules, More Or Les, Wordburglar, and Wolves.

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