Nerdy Kids Film Club | Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy | Review

Nerdy Kids Film Club | Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy | Review

What should have been a straight to DVD release pleases the kids but leaves a lot to be desired.

Unless you have kids of a certain age and most probably girls you may not realise that Disney’s Tinker Bell is not a bad money spinner, at least it feels that way to me as we set off to watch the sixth in the series of Tinker Bell feature length movies. I’ve had to by the DVDs, the duvet covers, the dolls, the books… you get my drift. It seems however that the creators of the current run of Tinker Bell films, Disney Toons, are not reaping the benefits of the merchandising sales associated with the character that they would like and this latest cinematic release could be the last, for a while at least.

Following 2012’s The Secret Of The Wings where we’re introduced to Tink’s sister comes Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy, a film by all intents and purposes that serves to half heartedly lead up to the events of Peter Pan presumably forming some kind of neat circular conclusion. We find Pixie Hollow (The magical kingdom where the fairies live) ready to celebrate their big festival when events take a sleepy turn, for the characters and the adult audience alike. Having fled Pixie Hollow following an unfortunate event with some amateur chemistry involving pixie dust, Zarina returns sending most of it’s inhabitants into a deep sleep so that she can steal the most important of all pixie dust, the blue one.

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As luck would have it Tinker Bell and her grotesque cross section of female stereotyped friends escape the clutches of the spell and set off on an adventure to retrieve not only the blue pixie dust, but also Zarina who in-turn is double-crossed by a young Captain Hook.

Having sat through the previous Tinker Bell movie, The Secret Of The Wings, no less than twice at the cinema with my six and three year old girls I feel qualified to state that The Pirate Fairy feels less polished in almost every respect. The animation doesn’t feel as crisp and the writing leaves a lot to the imagination as we progress through this Disney by numbers tale. It certainly doesn’t feel like value for money at the cinema. That’s my opinion though. The kids are far more forgiving and lapped up the whole thing from start to finish leaving the theatre enthused and eager to describe the plot at length to their mother. Fortunately there isn’t a lot to it so it didn’t take long.

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Distinctly average. Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy is in cinemas now. So is The Lego Movie, I know which I’d pick given the choice.


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